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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fake Tuomas

Although I was one zillion percent sure it was a fake, I sent a friend request into "Tuomas Holopainen's" Facebook profile. What ensued has been quite amusing, and rather sad.

Amusing because this Tuomas A) has really bad English, B) he takes photos any idiot can find off the internet & posts them on his page (including pictures Anette Olzon posted on her blog, taken by Anette herself) and C) he appears to be successfully posing as Tuomas and getting all kinds of fangirls hot under the collar.

What's sad about this is said fangirls and the deception this Fake Tuomas is perpetuating. I knew this was fake from the start and had no fantasies that this was anything other than some duplicitous personage with a lot of time on his/her hands. Tuomas has said in various interviews how much he hates the internet and even, if memory serves, that he does not have Facebook or any other social networking profile. Anette has said more than once on her blog that no Nightwish members have Facebook profiles, and she reiterated this again today, here.

It's pretty pathetic - and actually mean-spirited, too, IMO - to do something like this, especially where fangirls are concerned. You lead them on, they get all hot & bothered, you get your ego stroked and your entertainment - all off the backs of legitimate fans who believe they are getting something real from you.

You also make the band look bad (which I realize for some people isn't a problem).

It also violates the terms of service, which is why I have reported Fake Tuomas to Facebook, but alas, in typical FB fashion, the reporting interface was vague and probably ineffectual, and I doubt this will have any real results. Ironically, Real Tuomas has to report this person himself, and of course, in order to do that, he has to have a FB account.

So consider this my little public service announcement and my good deed for the day, for the whole 4 people who read this humble blog: the Tuomas Holopainen you see on Facebook is a poser, not the real Tuomas. (I have to say, however, that if the picture this Fake Tuomas has posted of the Real Tuomas's new house is the real new house, I am in awe of it's architechture & gorgeousness, and, yes, even expressed this in a comment under the picture of the house on Fake Tuomas's FB profile. It is a legitimately beautiful house.)

Sorry to burst your bubble fangirls!


Sorcha said...

His new house, is that the castle like looking one with the thing that looks like a tower?

Anyway: although it isn't nice at all and kinda sad from the person who does it. I have to admit that it's funny that there are so many fangirls who claim to be such big fans and still believe fake profiles of bandmembers. Although they say they don't have any in almost every interview, wich they appearantly don't bother to read although they are "such big fangirls". (doesn't counts for the ones who can't read English).

btw: I know that at least on of the bandmembers of NW has/had a social network account. But just not under his real name and also not available for fangirls. Only for friends and family :p.

But congrats on your good dead of the day :D

CanuckFan said...

Yeah, the house is all wood with a tower! It's a beautiful house - NOT a cottage/cabin, IMO!

Yeah, you'd think the fangirls would actually READ interviews and not be so gullible when they see this fake profile. I guess that's just part of being a fangirl, though: putting on the blinders.

OK - so which band member is it?? Send me an MFF PM!

Winterstorm said...

Stupid fangirls are stupid. They don't deserve any better. (Although, come to think of it, the ego stroking might actually be mutual - the girls might not really believe the fake, but just play along because it gives them satisfaction nevertheless to pretend they're talking to their idol.) But at least Twitter has come up with a workable solution to the fake account problem.

Anonymous said...

actually it's his old house well not so new. For me it's always funny to read all that comments for ex. " Tuo you are the best songwriter ever". i'm wondering if that people know it's fake account.

CanuckFan said...

I have no idea if people know it's a fake account, but some of the comments there suggest otherwise.

I always love looking at his page because it seems like "Tuomas" spends an awful lot of time playing Vampire Wars, Treasure Isle, and other such Facebook games. It's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

yeah it is:D i play VW cool mini game