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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sabaton's Upcoming Uprising!

I love love love Sabaton! Their newest album, Coat of Arms is due out here in Canada June 30. I have listened to entire album, which was streaming on their MySpace page, and I really liked what I heard, so I pre-ordered it from Amazon, even though it will be shipped at the end of August when a book I really want is published then. So there will be a long wait! But it will be worth it!

Sabaton just posted a video on their Facebook page of the making of their video "Uprising," which is about the Nazi occupation of Warsaw. Here it is:

I am totally stoked!


Anonymous said...

I love this song:)

CanuckFan said...

It's a great song for sure, and the album is going to be great, too!

Winterstorm said...

Fascinating! Sabaton rules!