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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CD Review: Tarot's "Gravity of Light"

Once again, Finland's traditional styled heavy metal band Tarot has got another album ready to kick off the new decade. Entitled "Gravity of Light", this release is Tarot's eighth studio album. It has been a long four year hiatus since their last album "Crows Fly Black". So was it worth the wait?

Well let me start off by saying that this album is everything every metal head wants; loud, powerful, aggressive music that will send your ass flying into next year. Like their previous albums, Tarot has kept the metal real and good, and that says a lot coming from a band who has been around for over 25 years! Their consistency is amazing, and I give them credit because most bands don't seem to want to push out the same amount of quality on every release like Tarot does! It really shows the kind of greatest Tarot is. (for more, see my main Tarot article)
So for my first review on this blog, I decided to do a song by song review for "Gravity of Light" using a best of 5 rating:

The ratings go as follows:

0- abomination (reserved for crap music)
1- awful
2- poor
3- average
4- good
5- awesome
6- a classic (this is a rare one)
Note: The rating system is out of 5, but sometimes I rate songs a zero or a six, depending on the song.

1. Satan Is Dead- From the opening riff to the end, this is everything we expect out of Tarot; real, kick ass heavy metal! This will not disappoint any metal lover. 4/5

2. Hell Knows- A moody, slowed riffed song that doom metal fans will eat up. 4/5

3. Rise- Catchy and fun is written all over this metal number. A great chorus in this song as well. 4/5

4. Pilot of All Dreams- The fastest paced song on the album. This song reminds me of "From the Shadows" on Tarot's "Suffer Our Pleasures" album and is guaranteed not to disappoint. 4/5

5. Magic and Technology- The opening riff is good, but I feel that it is a tad too long in the intro. Despite that, it is a good "90's" feel song. 3/5

6. Calling Down the Rain- The song is catchy, but to me, it doesn't flow as well as the other songs. Tommi does most of the singing here. 3/5

7. I Walk Forever- A nice groovy, opening riff that features a good chorus and something you can chant with. Not the best song on the album, but it works and delivers. 3/5

8. Sleep In The Dark- For me, this is the best song on the album. The riffs are crushing and brutal while Tommi and Marco give out their best vocal performances on the album. Typical Tarot greatness. 5/5

9. Caught In The Deadlights- This is just an okay song, but nothing more. 3/5

10. Gone- The album's ballad. It is very progressive flowing and features one of the most meaningful vocal performances Marco has to offer. 5/5

So, is this Tarot's best album? No. But I think it is a worthy Tarot album and this proves that Tarot isn't even close to stopping their assault in the world of metal. They still a lot left in the tank as they continue to please their fans with quality 100% heavy metal.


-Typical Tarot quality, nothing more, nothing less
-Some very meaningful choruses and songs
-Great riffs
-Catchy songs


-Production isn't as good or as powerful as their last two albums
-Not the best vocal performance from Marco as we have seen in years past (still very good though)
-Marco sings much less here than on previous albums (which means more parts for Tommi)
-Some very average songs (but no bad songs)

I give this album a horns up (\m/). It may not be the best Tarot CD, but it still pleases the typical metal listener. What a great way to start the decade Tarot! ROCK ON! \m/

3.5/5 overall


Anonymous said...

Hey James, Ravisk here, anyways apparently both you and Canuck are in luck, if you guys wanna do interviews with metal bands I can help you guys. Anyways Cheers oh and James, check out Nightrage's Wearing A Martyr's Crown awesome stuff

Eric James said...

Hey Ravisk! Glad you can see the Heavy Metal FTW! experience! :D

Anyways, yeah, doing interviews with some of our favorite bands would be something we would like to do eventually indeed! :D Good idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh and yeah James, I subbed on both your Youtube Channel, I'm SimAlias there and also check out and comment my impromptu performance to The Haunted cover of Bullet Hole with Dethmute (I'm guesting fronting em cause their original vocalist was down with a fever)

sorcha said...

Gravity of Light just simply ROCKS! Too bad you guys don't have the bonus track <3 Although I thought the song was a bit weird in the beginning, I learned to love it.

Eric James said...

Sorcha, what is the bonus track like? Is it good?