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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Heavy Metal Experience

Okay, well this is officially my first post on this blog! I think it will be fitting to start out by saying that I am excited to start blogging about something I deeply enjoy, which is heavy metal music! And this blog is created for anyone who loves and cherishes the most deep genre in the world today. And I would like to share my experience with heavy metal and how it has changed my life.

To start off, I would like to say that in the beginning, I started listening to bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, and so forth. Those were the bands that I listened to when I was introduced to metal sometime when I was in high school. It changed my life forever and to think that I was never exposed to this music before just blew my mind. Most of the kids I went to school with did not listen to heavy metal at all, but rather mainstream music that people heard on the radio. After that, people were worried that I was being "evil" because of the cliche that metal is "Satan's music" or whatever the hell it means.

But that did not stop me at all. Later into my twenties, I have stumbled upon some more modern heavy metal music from the Scandinavian countries which gave me a whole new perspective on metal and my musical experience. Many of these bands would never see the light of day in the mainstream market here in America and sometimes finding their albums in locals stores are very rare too. But this is where, in my opinion, the best metal is coming from in the world today. And of course as we build this blog up more, we will be discussing more about these bands and what you can find for music over in Europe.

Despite getting some mixed reactions from my peers, I have finally found my true passion and my favorite music genre that I have been searching for my whole life! With this also brought a desire to take up guitar and learn it so I can play my favorite songs. With that, I started creating music myself and also a new passion and hobby which I find very enjoyable. So yes, heavy metal has had a huge impact in my life. That is all from me. I look forward to hearing more!

Rock on! \m/

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CanuckFan said...

Great first post, James!! \m/