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Friday, April 8, 2011

CD review: Tearstained by Charon

Tearstained is the second full-length album. It contains 11 songs with interesting titles such as Christina Bleeds, Sin or Holy. One big positive thing for me is that they left out the growls. The female backing vocals remained the same. Tearstained contains one acoustic ballad.

Worthless – the opener represents for me Charon the best: guitars, female vocals and gloomy lyrics.

Sorrowbringer – one of the slower tracks with piano parts.

4 Seasons Rush – JP uses mostly his low register and also cello is used. This one belongs to my favourite ones.

Christina Bleeds – another typical Charon song containing guitar solo but this time no female vocals.

Deepest Scar – basing on first couple of seconds one would say that it’s another heavy track but as the song progresses the track evolves into heart-broken confession.

The Drift – the shortest one but for me the best track of Tearstained. I wouldn’t absolutely mind if Charon release one day acoustic album. JP voice works great with acoustic guitar and cello.

Sin – this is kind of blaming, confessing mixed together with determination to die for “you” very interesting.

Holy – here you can hear probably the longest guitar solo in band’s history.

Your Christ – on the other hand this track is one of the faster ones. To be honest I skip this one.

As We Die – I like this track mostly for its guitars and for the first time ever I’m gonna say I don’t like the backing vocals. In my opinion they don’t fit into the track.

The Stone – even though this track is almost 6 minutes long it’s not a boring one. Slower parts are mixed together with faster ones and it still sounds good and keeps listener attention. I am quite picky when it comes to longer tracks. Usually I get bored pretty easily because some of them just repeat the chorus like 1000 times and lacks dynamics.

All in all this is another good album of Charon. My personal favs are As We Die, The Drift, Deepest Scar and The Stone.

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