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Saturday, March 12, 2011

CD Review: Sorrowburn by Charon

When I came across Charon couple of years ago the first song I listened to was “Colder” from the “Songs for the Sinners” and JP voice really mesmerized me. I have crush on deep male vices. So I went through their discography and I was quite surprised when I listened to Sorrowburn. It is definitely different from the following albums. It has death metal elements because Charon was supposed to be death metal act. Since I am not really fond of this metal genre I’m really happy that this is the only album containing death metal stuff.

I find the cover funny. Maple leaf! I have nothing against maple leaves, but I find it strange, that “death metal” act chooses maple leaf as the cover and also as a part of their font.

Burndown - nice 2 minutes long acoustic piece. This is my favourite song. Though it is somehow “out of place”, when you compare it to the rest of the songs. But it shows that the band is also able to make “soft” song and still it sounds great.

Wortex - this song has an interesting guitar solo and also some good female backing vocals.

Breeze - death metal piece and one of the heavier songs.

Serenity - another nice song, even though at the beginning it sounds like a ballad but as the song progresses it sounds much heavier at the end.

To Serve You - this one I skip, but it has catchy chorus.

Nightwing - bit of growling, but honestly I don’t mind it that much. Also I like guitars in this one.

Neverbirth - I find this song really sluggish, not because it is almost 7 minutes long, but because it fails to attract my attention. After 4 minutes it has really nothing to offer.

Kheimos - another growling here growling there. I skip it because growling makes me nervous.

November’s Eve - I don’t like this one.

Morrow - the longest song with interesting intro. During these 8 minutes the mood of the song and also its tempo changes couple of times, which is good in my opinion, because it keeps the listener’s attention. It belongs to my favourite songs of this album.

To be honest I don’t listen to this album a lot. Yes Burndown is among Charon’s songs which I really like, but this album with its “death metal” feeling isn’t really appealing to me. All I can say is that I am really happy that they decided to leave the growling out of the following albums.


Anonymous said...

Nice review. I just recently found your blog. Makes me smile :)

Lizzie said...

Thank you for your comment! We are trying our best.