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Friday, March 25, 2011

On Eargasms, Goosebumps, and Spinetingling

My good friend Barb, who is a fabulous music geek with such an open mind she even enjoys metal from time to time after I sent her a mixed CD with some of my favourite songs on it (she in turn put me onto one of my greatest finds for 2010, The Decemberists) writes for BC Musician Magazine, and this month she has a really interesting article in the issue that I thought was quite relevant to this site. In her piece, she explores some of the scientific reasons why we have such visceral responses to our favourite music, why we get eargasms, why we get that feeling of goosebumps and shivers when we hear a song we especially identify with or love. I still get all goosebumpy when I hear Ghost Love Score, for instance.

Here is the article. Enjoy!

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Almagest said...

Nice article, but the trick with building tension at the beginning and releasing it at the end of a song/piece isn't exactly news. It's elemental wisdom for every songwriter/componist.