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Friday, February 25, 2011

CD Review: "Delta" by Visions of Atlantis

Today, Visions of Atlantis released it's fourth studio album, their first CD with new vocalist Maxi Nil, who hails from Greece. I've always liked VoA and was a particular fan of their first singer, Nicole Bogner. But times change, and their second singer, Melissa Ferlaak, previously of Aesma Daeva, left the band back in 2008 after the 2007 release of VoA's third album, Trinity.

The samples I'd heard of Delta had sounded really promising, even though VoA seemed to be taking a different route with their female lead, following the kind of disturbing trend of abandoning classical vocals for a more rock style. When the band released a lengthier sample of Delta's first single, "New Dawn", I thought Maxi sounded really good and strong, so I was optimistic.

The short story is this: I got hold of the album this morning and have listened to it four times, twice at the gym. This album is great, probably my favourite VoA album to date, and I can also say that it's a great work-out companion for boring cardio days.

The album starts out fast, symphonic, and driving, with great guitar work, great harmonies, and a generally great vibe. Male lead vocalist Mario Plank sounds edgier and stronger, and Maxi impresses by sounding like she completely belongs in the world of VoA, her style and tone matching very well with Mario's. I think they compliment each other very well, and that's one thing I enjoy about this album over all. There seems to be a chemistry between them that really comes through.

Maxi seems to have a versatile voice with quite a bit of range, which becomes apparent in the second track, "Memento." In my opinion it's the best track on the album. Clocking in at well over 6:30 minutes in length with several distinct sections to the whole song, I think this is VoA's most progressive song in four albums.

Other notable songs are "Twist of Fate," the ballad "Reflection" and the radio-friendly but catchy and totally listenable "New Dawn." There is also an instrumental piece called "Sonar." I think the complexity of the music has increased since the last album, and I enjoyed VoA's amazing vocal harmonies, something that was always their strength.

I am not missing the classical vocal style. I think Maxi suits this music very well and she is really able to pull off the emotion, sensitivity, and power this genre requires. I was impressed.

Delta delivers from beginning to end. It's strong from intro to outro. It's fantastic symphonic power metal and I think it's a huge step forward for VoA. Great going guys and horns up! \m/
Here is "New Dawn" for you to listen to.


Eric James said...

Good review Canuck! :D

CanuckFan said...

Thanks! I have pre-ordered the CD along with the new WT, so I look forward to sitting down with booklet & reading along with the lyrics.

Eneas said...

Thanks for the link!!! Indeed good review...and congratulations for your blog!!!

Hope to stay in touch!!!

Yours faithfully,

Eneas Aun Weor