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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Come Cover Me: I Walk Alone

This is a cover version of Tarja's I Walk Alone by Jørn Lande. He is a Norwegian heavy metal singer and does the lead vocals in German power metal band Masterplan and of course in many other bands.

I am not really against covers and this one sounds pretty "heavy" which I like. Yet my ears suffer a little bit when Jørn sings "I walk alone" and "My winter storm" lines.

All in all I think it's a  good cover, but I don't listen to it often.


CanuckFan said...

Not a fan of the intro at all, but other than that I really dig this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention - must find a download!

Almagest said...

I think it's a cool cover, well done and it works amazingly well, in its own way, as a hard rocking song. I'm not really a big fan of this cover, though, nor of Jorn Lande (I was a bit disappointed as I expected his voice to be more like that of Geoff Tate from Queensryche or Michael Eriksen from Circus Maximus, or Russell Allen from Symphony X perhaps, but he sounds very different). But I have to give this to him: He made the song his own. It's just totally different from the original. Kinda like Tarja's "Still of the Night", which is EPIC even if it kinda "destroys" the "spirit" of the original in that it is so totally different. Tarja's "I Walk Alone" is ethereal, melancholy and classy and also defiant, but it's much more of an atmospheric song. (I don't actually love it THAT much either, but it's very nice.) It's very hard to compare the covers and the originals here, because they stand in their own way, as totally separate songs with very different moods that all work well. And that's what makes them interesting.