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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nightwish's Imaginarium CD: 2012

Oh, Nightwish, you will be the death of me, I swear.

In a recent interview, Tuomas said the new CD, Imaginarium, probably won't be released until early 2012. Ugh. What a tick off!

The interview is here.

I had a feeling this would happen when the movie was announced along with its expected 2012 release date.

OK, the movie is a neat idea and all that, but really, I'm more interested in the CD and it would be nice to just get the thing out so us die-hards can listen to the music and not have to wait for God-knows how long for the movie release. This album has been delayed for so long already (remember, during the DPP tour, that Tuomas had said there would be a new NW album in late 2010, then it was late 2011).

I am starting to get a sinking feeling that this could go on and on and on...


T-WAC said...

I'm really ticked about this too!

I mean, with the world ending in 2012, I'll have less than a year to enjoy the new nightwish album,

CanuckFan said...

Hi T-Wac!

LOL, I agree, it's a hell of a lot of time to wait! And I also see that they are kicking off their tour in LA in January 2011, with a one-off show. Sometimes it's so annoying living in Canada!

Anonymous said...

thank god, they made a good joke! :-)))

Released: 30 November 2011

CanuckFan said...

Yeah, well if you're in North America, you still have to wait till Jan. 10, 2012. Europe is lucky; they get it so much earlier than we do. And of course, we all know by now that the full album leaked 2 days early and is available as a torrent.