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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Within Temptations "Faster" - Live & Acoustic

For some reason, the site won't let me copy the code to embed the video here, but here is the link to Within Temptation peforming a live, acoustic version of their new song, "Faster." Gotta say, I really dig it.

In other news, the band announced today that they're performing once concert in the States in September, in New York City on the 10th. I have so say I was kind of disappointed to hear this; the buzz they'd been creating on FB had me hoping that there would be a North American tour, and I'd hoped that that would include some dates in larger centres I could conceivably travel to.

Alas, no. Sigh...

Edit a few minutes later: Ana Mladinovici, the singer of Magica, just posted this video on her FB page. It's a 6 minute+ preview of all the songs on WT's The Unforgiven. Woo-hoo! Very cool!

Awesome! The album sounds totally rockin' from what this video indicates!

UPDATE: Finally, I found a YT video of the acoustic version of "Faster" mentioned above. Here it is:

There is also an acoustic version of "Where is the Edge". Man, Sharon is the loveliest pregnant mamma ever, I just have to say.

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