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Sunday, February 6, 2011

My reaction to the Ozzy Super Bowl Ad

Okay, I know how many metalheads and Ozzy fans are so pissed off about this, but I just have to get it out there to talk about it.

I just got done seeing the Super Bowl ad, and while I thought that it was a bad move by Ozzy to do a commerical with Justin Bieber, that overproduced, one hit wonder that will be forgotten once he gets older, I think that this is nothing new to the table. I heard of these rumors about a week ago, and while I knew it was true that he was going to do a commerical with that kid, I was not surprised at all!

Ozzy Osbourne will always be known as being the godfather of our great genre of heavy metal no question, but him being a "sellout" is not such a new thing anyways. Remember "The Osbournes"? Yes, it was a reality TV show feeding off of the current craze of a tired and oversaturated television genre. That show was nothing more than doing what other similar shows were doing at that time! It was all about making a profit, and that is what this ad was all about too!

Honestly, I think his wife Sharon is behind most of these ideas anyways. I don't think Ozzy has much say over what goes on about how they want to make money. Sharon recently has become such a popular TV icon, appearing on her own talk show (which got cancelled), and is now appearing on all sorts of stuff like "America's Got Talent" or "The Talk". So her popularity (and her greed in my opinion) is the result of something like doing a Super Bowl ad with that kid who will be forgotten in a few years. She probably thinks that she needs to gain a big profit from Justin before he will lose his popularity and his profitability.

It is unfortunate that someone as important to metal as Ozzy has to sink so low into something like this. But let's not forget what the circumstances are and that his wife is more about the money and fame than he is right now, and that he hardly has much say in any of this. I don't think this is any real reason to lose sleep over or to stop listening to Ozzy's music.

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CanuckFan said...

Well, I honestly don't understand why people would be pissy about this, it's just a ridiculous ad. It totally mocks Ozzy but it looks like it's all done in good fun. It's actually quite humourous, I find.

Eric James said...

Canuck, I agree. I really did not much care about that ad, but discussing it is interesting though! :D

Almagest said...

The problem is that this comes shortly after that interview (?) where he was asked about JB and went like "Who's that?", apparently demonstratively. It IS disappointing that he changed his mind so quickly.

BTW, your videos are still all messed up for me O_o

CanuckFan said...

Almagest, what do you mean the videos are all messed up for you?

Almagest said...

They used all to be at the wrong places. Where the OTHAFA video was supposed to be, I got Walking in the Air, where Hymn was supposed to be, I got OTHAFA, etc. Now they seem right again ...