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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Visions of Atlantis: Delta Trailer Released

I just found this on Facebook, released by VoA's record company, Napalm. The music sounds really good, and I like Maxi's voice. Still, I wonder, why did they go with a non-classical vocalist this time? This seems to be a trend amongst some of my long-time favourite bands. But if it works, it works. As long as it does work. From what I've heard of Delta so far, it seems to work. Very much looking forward hearing the whole album, which is released in Europe Feb. 25.


punkkat said...

They've now released a video for "New Dawn":

Good song, mediocre video in my opinion.

CanuckFan said...

Hey Punkkat! Yep, I found it on Facebook this morning. I also have listened to the album, and I'll have a review up hopefully today. The video isn't too exciting, but the song is good, and I can say that the album is very good, too.