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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Metal from Canada: NinjaSpy

Always on the lookout for new stuff, and quite randomly tonight I found out about these guys, NinjaSpy. I have a non-metalhead friend (well, most of my friends are non-metalheads) who is going to see this band tomorrow night in Victoria, BC. I had never heard of them until we were talking on the phone tonight & he mentioned he was trecking over to the island on the ferry to take in the show.

You gotta love and its tagging system. Ska-core? Wow. That is a new term for me! Here is their page so you can check them out for yourself.

So, they originate from good old British Columbia, as does yours truly, have one album out called Pi Nature, and are described as "skankore" or hardcore/ska. Also tagged on as hardcore, experimental, and avantgarde. They have signed with a Japanese label.

I wonder what my non-metal friend is going to think of this? :D I'm not a big fan of anything -core, not to mention reggae or ska, so they are not my cup of tea. They look really energetic on stage though, and there are some interesting elements in one of their songs, "Evolution of the Skid", that includes some brass sections.

You can check them out further on their web site here, or on YouTube, here.


Eric James said...

This band has a unique sound, but I am just not a fan of the vocals at all... :/

CanuckFan said...

Definitely not my cup of tea, either, but I thought they bore some mention here, esp. since they are from the same province as I am. I wonder how my friend found the gig? I'm going to have to phone him to find out. I'm sure he'll have a great story to tell!