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Saturday, March 26, 2011

CD review: The Unforgiving by Within Temptation

I know that Canuck already posted here her review but I will post my one as well. I must say that I agree in most of the things she wrote. Sharon sounds great! I read many comments bitching about the new direction of WT. But I absolutely don’t mind it. In my opinion the best what band can do is to try new things. Sometimes they fail but this is not a case for WT I reckon. They idea of an concept album was good after all. Also the orchestra fits in the songs very well. But I was like “here we go again” when I read, that there are at least 3 different releases of  the album. So I will wait some time, before I will buy this album. I don’t want to swear all over the place again if they release another "super deluxe version" after couple of months. And the cover? Well I was like wtf???? when I saw it for the first time. But as an album based on comic book series it is a logical consequence.

Why Not Me –  just a prologue.  

Shot In the Dark – this one belongs to one of my favourites ones. Very nice opening track with catchy chorus and about 30 sec long guitar solo.

In the Middle of the Night – when I heard this track for the first time I was a bit confused. It reminded me of a dance band and not metal band with very long and diverse history. But since it was said many time, that The Unforgiving is going to be different I am not surprised with all the new elements of WT’s sound and I like them.

Faster – the first official track, but second I heard from the album. I like it very much. In my opinion this is a rock song and not metal. Anyway Sharon has stated many times, that they consider themselves “a symphonic rock band” so I have no probs at all with this song. Acutally I would love to hear it live one day. It has a lot of  energy. Love it!

Fire and Ice – one of the slower tracks. I wish they made this one only as an acoustic/orchestral piece. It would be very nice in my opinion.

Iron – I can’t help myself, but this one sounds to me as some kind of warrior’s song at least the chorus sounds so. Ready to take the weapons and start the fight. :D

Where Is the Edge – I heard it many times now so I skip it but it doesn’t mean that it is bad. I like the acoustic version which was already posted here.

Sinéad – this is my favourite of all! I love the feeling of this track and chorus of course. It lights up my mood anytime I hear it. Also I think that this one will be a blast live.

Lost – another slower piece. I like the graduation of this track and the acoustic opening. Another favourite track of mine.

Murder – I don’t know how they did it, but the chorus of most of the tracks are so catchy. And this one is not an exception either.

A Demon’s Fate – this one is missing on my list of favourite pieces. It’s too long and I got bored after first chorus. Another track with “long” guitar solo.

Stairway to the Skies – the third slow track on this album and also the last one for the standard edition. I like it and in my opinion very nice track to finish the album.

The Last Dance – an amazing song in my opinion. The atmosphere is simply magnific! I wonder why it ended up only as an bonus track. Probably didn’t fit the concept after all.

Empty Eyes and I Don’t Wanna are another bonus tracks. Unfortunately I was not able to find them and just heard the sample. But they sound promising.

So all in all I LOVE this album! It was definitely worth waiting for it. Now I hope that I will be able to see them live soon. I do not expect them to play any near my country but as soon as I'll be in Britain and them too I'll go no matter what. This is a must go.
Here is the video of bonus tracks samples.



Allyson said...

Thanks for the review!

The more I listen to this the more I love love LOVE "Sinead." I actually think I like it better than "Faster." Which is a tough song to beat! The catchiness on this album is incredible and I don't know how they kept it up track after track, either. The pace of this album is also noteworthy...kind of novel-like, if you ask me, and it just shows another strength in the writing & compositions.

I agree that once again we have this multiple release thing going on with different parts of the world getting different versions. So annoying! I have heard "The Last Dance" and think it's fantastic. All this means is that I'm going to have to downnload a different version of the album in order to get the bonus tracks because the North American release ends at "Stairway to the Skies." Grrr!

Lizzie said...

Yeah that sucks! I will wait and then buy the album but definitely not in my country. I don't want to end up once again with empty booklet. Even though they are not under Universal but I don't want to waste another 15€.

Sinéad is a real addiction for me. The chorus is still in my head.

Allyson said...

I can't seem to find the version of the CD with the 3 bonus tracks on any of my go-to sites for downloading. The only version I can find that is different from the one I'm getting contains "Utopia" (not my fave song at all!) and "The Last Dance." Hmph!

punkkat said...

I foudn both "Empty Eyes" and "I Don't Wanna" on youtube in full:
Empty Eyes -
I Don't Wanna -

Allyson said...

Thanks punkkat! Also thanks for the Leaves' Eyes link...I have no idea why your comment isn't showing up there, but I got it via email.

Natalia said...

Excellent reviews, girls! This album rocks! It is actually the first WT's album that I like.
My fave songs so far: Faster and Sinead which is just mind-blowing!
I think this is something so refreshing into the world of symphonic metal/rock. It sounds so different and new that I can't help but love it!
*listening to the unforgiving right now*