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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Metal from Canada: The Whiteboard Project

I just got back from a trip to Vancouver, where I visited with my friend who went to see Ninjaspy in Victoria at the end of February. As I assumed, Ninjaspy was not his cup of tea, and he also did happen to mention that he was the youngest person in the crowd - and he is the same age as I am, which is 36. My friend did say, however, that he kinda of liked the opening band, a Nanaimo, BC, outfit called The Whiteboard Project. I have just listened to their MySpace offerings and I have to say that I am a little impressed! They are slightly -core-ish, but some of their elements have made me look over that little detail!

What I liked in particular was their emphasis on the bass; their sound is very bass-y and bass-centred. There are even bass solos! Marco Heitala take note! I also like their clean vocals. They also have good drumming.

I have a long history with the city of Nanaimo, so I think it's kinda cool that these guys are from there. Here is a video of them playing live, and the song is my favourite of the ones I heard on their MySpace page.

I hope they do some more promo because they have a lot of potential, I think! They don't appear to have an album out and are not on, though they are on Facebook, here.


Eric James said...

wow, very original stuff. A mix of a lot of elements here. I like it! Their bassist is sick and they sound good live! Good find Canuck!

CanuckFan said...

Well, we can thank my friend for this one - I would never have heard of them if his friend hadn't dragged him out to see Ninjaspy!