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Monday, February 7, 2011

Borealis Update

I have posted before about my love for Canadian power metal outfit Borealis. Word was last summer that their new album would be released last fall, and I was disappointed when it was announced there would be a delay. However, the end of the looooooong wait is nigh! Fall from Grace will be released May 20 worldwide, though you lucky guys over in Japan will have it April 13.

The band recently announced that it's signed some record deals, too (they were previously unsigned). They signed a worldwide deal with Finland's Lion Music and a deal with Hydrant Music/EMI Music in Japan. This is excellent news!

On the HR front, guitarist Ken Fobert announced his departure from the band in December, and I have not seen an announcement regarding a replacement yet.

Today, the band released a substatial 6 minute+ teaser for the upcoming release, and it sounds fantastic! I can't wait to hear the whole thing start to finish!

Enjoy, and rock on Borealis! I see great things in your future! \m/

Edit Feb.8: embedding of the video has been disabled, so here is the link.

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