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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walking In The Air:The Greatest ballads by Nightwish

Drakkar Records, the label which released first 4 NW albums, will release "the greatest ballads" on 27th May.
When I read the track list I was kinda disappointed. No Ever Dream!
I won't ever understand why they left out this great track.
If you wonder why there aren't any songs from Once or Dark Passion Play albums the answer is simple. These 2 albums were released under Nuclear Blast so Drakkar Records has no copyrights for these songs.
There's no way for me to buy this album. I find it not worth spending a single penny since I am not collector, I have all these tracks on my albums and I dislike the cover.

Track list:

  1. Walking In The Air
  2. Angels Fall First
  3. Sleepwalker
  4. Sleeping Sun
  5. Dead Boy's Poem
  6. Deep Silent Complete
  7. Feel For You
  8. The Phantom Of The Opera
  9. Ocean Soul
  10. Lagoon
  11. Swanheart
  12. Two For Tragedy
  13. A Return To The Sea
  14. Away
  15. Forever Yours


Eric James said...

Ever Dream is a great song, but I don't think that it is a ballad IMO. It's mostly an upbeat song throughout which is probably why they did not include it in this release.

Nonetheless, this would be a waste of an album for me to buy since I have all of these songs as well like most fans of Nightwish. I don't think this release will sell too good IMO.

CanuckFan said...

I agree with Eric, Ever Dream is not a ballad - it's a fast song. I am also confused about "Feel For You" - that's not a ballad, either, and neither is Phantom! This is a bizarre track listing for sure. I wouldn't purchase this, either. I have all these songs on their other releases and I'm not a collector.

Lizzie said...

I know that ED is not a ballad but since they put there POTO and FFI why not ED then?

Eric James said...

Good point you two! POTO and "Feel For You" are not ballads! I wonder who thought of this track list because it was not well thought up at all.

CanuckFan said...

They should change the name of the release and remarket it as somthing else.

T-WAC said...

If their gonna put phantom of the opera on this, they should definitely put everdream on it. I mean, everdream is one of their best songs ever!

Almagest said...

I believe that you can indeed describe Ever Dream as a power ballad. It's not particularly fast or upbeat (it certainly doesn't make you want to go out and slay a dragon), it starts with just piano and voice and develops into a bombastic chorus, which is very typical for power ballads. Also, the lyrics are totally ballad-like, with all that lovey-dovey and desire stuff. I've always thought of it as a ballad, even if in some aspects it's untypical. I think it's just too dreamy and romantic (to avoid the word "cheesy", hehe) to be anything else. But then, is Creek Mary's Blood a ballad? How about High Hopes? (I've seen it described as a "half-ballad".) I guess it's just a ballad in function, if not quite in form. Songwriters (not just Tuomas) like to mess with such puny categories, or ignore them outright, I know. :P Songs that aren't clear-cut cases tend to be more interesting, after all.

Funny enough, it sometimes seems that I'm the only Nightwish fan who isn't really that enamoured with Ever Dream. Can't say I don't enjoy it and don't see its appeal, but ... perhaps it just tugs at the heartstrings a little bit too obviously for me to totally embrace it and get all excited over it. (I do like the bridge, though: "Your beauty cascades onto me, in that white night fantasy.") I prefer Feel for You in that department; it's a less straightforward composition.