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Friday, April 8, 2011

Amberian Dawn News

An email arrived from the staff at the Amberian Dawn forum this morning announcing that the band is now in the process of making a new album! 

The email said,

Tuomas states that the next album will be a little different from its predecessors and a bit different than what we are used to. According to him there have been changes in the creation method and there will be the integration of backing vocals (previously these were never used). We can expect some 80s sounding songs like Kokko- Eagle of Fire and Valkyries. As we’ve come to expect from Amberian Dawn though, there will also be some very fast songs on the album.
A quote from Tuomas says, “Technically there's great challenges for the band and all the skills possessed by the new line-up will be essential. We're going to break some new limits again and lift the level of our quality even higher than before. With some guesting vocalists or musicians on this album, just like on all our previous albums, this new album is going to be more solid than our latest album.”

Heidi did have thing on her Facebook asking for ideas about a myth or legend fans would like to have her write about.  I suggested Boudicca - one of my favourite stories.

All in all, very exciting news!  End of Eden was so excellent and I can't wait to hear the new stuff!

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Almagest said...

Somehow I must have missed that where Heidi asked on Facebook about suggestions for lyrical inspirations!