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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tarja & Jyrki 69 duet for charity

I know that it seems like there are news only about Tarja lately but I couldn't resist to put this one on here. Tarja and Jyrki Linnankivi from the band 69 Eyes made a duet for Unicef. Actually it's Tarja's Underneath song. Buy Underneath  Tonight they performed it together on Idols Tekee Hyvää on Finnish TV.
I am sorry to say this but I absolutely don't like the duet. This guy sounds so bad. He doesn't fit in the song IMO. Now you're going to kill me for what I am about to write now but I don't even like the way Tarja sang this song tonight. I mean during her gigs she sings this song better and I found her performance affected. (Couldn't find better word) It could be the fact that she was on TV and it was a duet IDK or something esle.


CanuckFan said...

The best thing I can say about this performance is that I love Tarja's outfit. Otherwise, that Jyrki guy sounds very odd indeed. Tarja sounds OK, but it seems that this lacks the emotion I'm used to hearing in this album.

Natalia said...

I agree with you, Lizzie. I don't like this duet at all and I find her performance so "unnatural". Her movements, I don't know! as for the guy was so emotionless when singing.

I love this song live (I don't like the studio version much though) but this wasn't the case.

Lizzie said...

I don't think that any song from WLB would sound with the guy ok. I read how great they were, that Jyrki adds something special to the song but honestly I can imagine better voice maybe even female voice.

About the outfit. She wears this one on her gigs and since the first time I saw it I didn't like it. Especially the top but yesterday I noticed that the skirt is black & white lol.