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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Album Art in Metal

Okay, here are some examples of bad album art in metal (in my opinion):

This is the image for the 2000 re-release of In Flames' first album, "Lunar Strain". Honestly, this is a great melodic death metal record, but yeah I am not too thrilled about this image though. I mean, this is a dead bird!!! There should have been more creativity here with the image for the re-release of their first album! The original album art was much better.

This is the album art for Almora's "1945". Okay, this is just putrid! What is this suppose to be??? It looks like some fantasy Asian looking world with a fairy??!?!?! What does this have to do with 1945? Well, I like Almora and the music of this album, but this image just looks ridiculous!

This is the album art for Atargatis' first full length album "Wasteland". I understand that this is a concept album, but what the hell!? This just looks really silly! I don't know what to say about this. The music is nice, but this looks too strange to me! It looks like a cover to a really bad B movie!

And finally, this album art by the Finnish band Kivimetsan Druidi for their new album "Betrayal, Justice, Revenge" has to be the grand mother of bad album art in general. Their music is decent on this album, but this looks like the cover of a cliche middle ages video game! Seriously, you really cannot get much worse than this for album art!

Note that I am not insulting any of the bands here. In fact, I like the music of all of these bands, but in my opinion the album art is not up to par with the music on these albums. So yeah, no need to think that I am insulting anyone here, just the artwork! ;) And this is just a fun blog post and I think this is something that isn't meant to take seriously! :D


CanuckFan said...

Well, we will have to agree to disagree about the Atargatis art, but otherwise I am in agreement about all the others.

sorcha said...

I do like Almora's album art a bit. You're right about the others though.