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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Come Cover Me: Herr Mannelig

I first heard this song upon listening to Haggard's Eppur Si Muove, a band and an album recommended to me by someone on Metal From Finland. I loved this immediately: so atmospheric, so achey, so beautiful...And I didn't understand a single word!

According to Wikipedia, Herr Mannelig is a Swedish ballad about a female mountain troll who wants to marry a knight. The lyrics can be found here, in both Swedish and English. Wikipedia says that Haggard performs the song in Italian, even though they are a German band.

Here is "Herr Mannelig" being performed in Swedish by the band In Extremo, a German medieval metal group.

Here is a Belarusian version done by Litvintroll, a folk metal band from that country.

And here is my favourite version, sung by Haggard! And yes, I chose the LoTR video on purpose!

Which one do you prefer? I think all of them are interesting in their own way, and as a good cover should do, each band brings their own character into the song. But I have a special place in my heart for the Haggard version because I think it really captures the emotion of the lyrics. I also love the sound of the guitar in this song; it's so crisp.


Winterstorm said...

Wikipedia is right. I've personally met the lady who sings Haggard's version, a beautiful and nice young opera singer from Buenos Aires, so I'm a little biased possibly. ;)

There are covers by Nota Profana and Aeternum, as well! All with lovely Gaby Koss who's also sung the song live with Haggard at various times. (But I'm biased again ... haha.)

The Belarusian version is interesting o_O

In Extremo's pronunciation is weird (the singer changes all the "å"s into "ö"s, WTF! It should be pronounced like a Spanish "o"), but apparently intentionally so!

BTW, "Come Cover Me" is an awesome title for this rubric! :D

CanuckFan said...

Which Haggard singer was it who applied for the NW job?

I wouldn't know good pronounciation from bad pronounciation!

Glad you like the title!

Winterstorm said...

I think it was Gaby who applied for it. Her voice, style and attitude would be perfect for the job, I believe (she can sing in a popular style very well, too!), her only weak point is that she's shy onstage too and doesn't like being in front so much, but I'm sure she'd grow into the role of lead singer.