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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

30 Day Music Challenge, Day 30: My Favourite Song at this Time Last Year

Finally - the end!

I'm pretty sure the songs that were my favourites last year are still my favourites now, if my stats are anything to go by. Still at the top of my mental list & my Top Tracks list are Dawn of Destiny's "Rain," "Days of Crying," and "Lost"; Sonata Arctica's "Sing in Silence"; and then songs by bands that I've discovered in the last year, like Almora and Sabaton. And we all know of my love for Nightwish, so I won't bother posting anything from them here this time!

Let's go with a band I haven't listened to in ages, maybe even a year: Xandria! Xandria is a German Gothic-ish metal band, also currently without a permanent lead singer. They are a really underrated band, though, and I loved Lisa Middelhauve (she is the original singer who left and was replaced, then that replacement left, and now Lisa is filling in until a new permanent singer is found).This is "Now and Forever," a very cool tune I think I really need to become reacquainted with...

And that ends this meme! Now, on to bigger & better things!


Winterstorm said...

Bleh, not available in my country. =(

Even though they are German. Germany is stupid sometimes! And WTF, I don't think Sony has any rights to Xandria songs!

Anyway, I have to say that Xandria's songs have never really captured my interest ... the only exception is "India", which I do like.

CanuckFan said...

YouTube sucks some times!

Anyway, this is a really good song with a fun intro. I quite like Xandria, actually, and I really love Lisa's voice.