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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dawn of Destiny Replaces Tanja Maul with Two Vocalists

Big news about one of my favourite bands, Dawn of Destiny: after parting ways with the fucking amazing Tanja Maul, the band announced today on their MySpace & Facebook pages that they have replaced their previous vocalist with two female leads, Jeanette Scherff and Monika Wesely. There is little I can find about these two women after doing some cursory research. Jeanette Scherff was her own MySpace page, and I cannot find a single thing on Monika Wesely. I can't find YouTube or other samples of either gal's vocals.

So, this is interesting...I wonder if they are going the way of Coronatus, which also has two female leads, one classical soprano and one rock-style alto. But I am very curious to see what DoD sounds like now, so I hope they start releasing new stuff soon!


Eric James said...

Interesting that DoD would do this... now that you mention Coronatus, they are down to one vocalist now! This makes DoD the new Coronatus now!

CanuckFan said...

Well, I don't know about DoD being the new Coronatus...I am very curious to see how this is going to sound, though!

Anonymous said...

You can find something about Monika. Her name is Wesely, not Wesley. You can find some voice-samples on youtube from her musical-side (she is also musical actress).
We won't be a new Coronatus. We will stay Dawn Of Destiny, but a bit different.


A band member

CanuckFan said...

Dear Anonymous/DoD band member:

My God, you have pretty much made my day be commenting here! Thank you!

Thank you also for the correction with Monika's surname; it's a common enough English name and my spelling is how it's usually spelled in English, but I will go and change it immediately! No wonder I couldn't find much online about her - I was misspelling her name!

I very much appreciate the link to Monika's YouTube videos! I am listening to her right now and she has a beautiful, clear voice. I am really looking forward to how she sounds with you guys!

Best wishes, Dawn of Destiny, and one day I hope to see you guys live...Maybe even in Canada...\m/

Eric James said...

Hey Dawn of Destiny! Thanks for your comment on our blog! Your new singer sounds good and I as well as CanuckFan are very interested in hearing your new singer at work with your band. Just joking about the "new Coronatus" with you guys.. LOL You guys sound way different anyways. ;) Good luck with everything and hope to hear from you guys soon with a new album! Bis später, viele Glück und Auf Wiedersehen!

Dawn Of Destiny said...

Yes, maybe one day in Canada.... and by the way. I like Coronatus, too.
But check a sample of our new 2 singers Jeanette and Monika at
The demo-song "Miracles" shall give you a first impression. Hope you like it.
Dawn Of Destiny (Dirk)

CanuckFan said...

Hi Dirk! I do hope you get to Canada one day (preferably in the west, where I am!).

I actually listen to quite a lot of German addition to you guys (I discovered you on, by the way), I also listen to Atargatis, Coronatus (obviously), Lyriel, Haggard, Avantasia, then there are part German bands, like Midnattsol and Leaves' Eyes...Some of the best metal on this planet comes from Germany!