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Sunday, May 16, 2010

30 Day Music Challenge, Day 26: A Song I Can Play On an Instrument

Way back in the mists of time, I used to play the flute. I really enjoyed it, but got out of practice and eventually sold my flute to someone who needed it more than I did, because all I was doing was carting it around wherever I moved and not using it, and I kind of thought it was time to let it go. I don't regret this too much, though once in a while I do wish I could have gotten it together & kept up with it. Ah well.

Anyway, somewhere in those mists of time, I seem to recall "Scarborough Fair" being in my lesson book. I have always loved this old song, and Leaves' Eyes does a particularly good cover of it, both a heavy version and an acoustic version.

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Winterstorm said...

Didn't know that there was an acoustic version! It is a very good cover, no doubt. I'm finding myself liking Njord more and more.