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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Underrated Metal Bands #5: Hevisaurus

Thanks to Sorcha's post on MFF forum, I discovered a very unique metal band from Finland named Hevisaurus. What makes these guys unique? For one thing, they dress up as dinosaurs. Second, they sing children songs in Finnish while playing kick ass heavy metal. Now THAT is awesome!

The band members of Hevisaurus are from people all over the Finnish metal scene, including Kiuas' guitarist Mikko Salovaara, Sonata Arctica's keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg, Stratovarius' keyboardist Jens Johansson, and Thunderstone's drummer Mirka Rantanen. That is a great lineup for a metal band as it is, and this project is just beyond epic win. Seriously, kids need to have this music in their school. Forget the traditional "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" or "Bingo was his Namemo" kind of songs. Kids should learn metal and GOOD music at a young age. It makes me sad that I never had this growing up. All I had was Barney!!! Damn!! :(

Not only are these songs for kids, adults can enjoy them too unlike most children songs where the songs are grating and hardly tolerable. These songs are actually kick ass and sound better than a lot of metal bands do even. These guys are fairly new, but I feel that I need to spread the word about this. These guys are on a mission, and that is to teach kids good music. The only thing I wish is that they make English songs because I know that if I ever have kids, this will be the music they will hear (along with most of the bands I like too ;) ). So move over Barney, you have been dethroned! ROCK ON! \m/


Hevisaurus's page

Hevisaurus' main website


CanuckFan said...

This is just so totally awesome I can't even express it! I am so grateful to Sorcha for posting about these guys because this whole idea ROCKS. And thanks for doing some research into who the band members really are, James. I was curious about that but didn't have the time to search on my own today. This totally kicks Barney's ass, which deserves it BIG TIME, and I too would totally have my kids listen to this stuff over have the shit out there on the radio this day & age!


Hairul: The No 1 COB authority and expert said...

Gahaha now we have GODZILLA METAL!! xD

Sorcha said...

Lol, I got credits xD

Hevisaurus is really, really great! They kick 99% of the so called kid bands asses! And indeed, also some of the metal bands out there.
It's great that you've searched out who the band members are. Although they surprised me a lot. Anyway, with every song I see and hear from them, I love them more.
Need to find out if they deliver their albums to the Netherlands as well.