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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Metal from Canada: Borealis!

OK. About a year or so ago, I was trolling through Metal Archives looking to see what the landscape of Canadian metal was like. A very interesting journey indeed. I didn't like too much of what I heard to be honest. But I came across a few gems, and this band called Borealis, from Orangeville, Ontario, was one of them. After listening to their stuff on MySpace, I decided to order their debut CD, World of Silence. I was so impressed it wasn't even funny!

This is a young band with a bright future, I think. Fronted by the very talented Matt Marinelli, who also plays the guitar on their World of Silence album and with a strong line-up of musicians behind him, I seriously seriously hope these guys are the future of metal in Canada. And, I was so thrilled to see that they have been invited to Prog-Power USA this year - a festival I would DIE to go to, except it's in fucking Atlanta, Georgia - a zillion miles away from my little corner of Boonieland Canada!!! How frustrating! I also see on their web site that they opened for Sonata Arctica! This is very good news indeed!

I can also credit Borealis for helping me find Dawn of Destiny! I was listening to Borealis Radio on, when "Lost" by DoD came on, and I was totally wowed. So, this has been a great find in more ways than one!

Here is a sample from Borealis's upcoming album, which according to the comments on YouTube, will be released sometime this fall. I can't wait!


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