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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carmen R. Lorch (ex Schäfer) leaves Coronatus

Some news from the symphonic/gothic metal community. After reading the post that Dawn of Destiny now has two singers, I was curious about Coronatus. So as I did, I just discovered that their long time vocalist, Carmen R. Lorch (ex Schäfer) , just left the group with this letter on their main website.

This leaves Coronatus without a vocalist as their other member, Lisa Lashe, left the group in January. So at this time, Coronatus has no vocalist(s).


Carmen's bio

Coronatus' page


CanuckFan said...

Well, this is very interesting. Maybe Tanja Maul can join Coronatus? :D That would be killer, actually. (Actually, it would be way more killer for Tanja to join NW, but that's a whole other story altogether!)

It seems to me, from reading Carmen's letter, that Lisa has also left the band, though there isn't anything on their web site about that. But Carmen does say " addition to the non-existence of a second singer at the moment" and that they have had to cancel all their upcoming gigs...So, I assume Lisa is gone as well.

Which is also interesting. I have had plans to review the band's newest album, where Lisa debuts with the band, but I have to say I was not keen on her voice at all.

Carmen was good, though I didn't think she was super powerful. I did like her voice however, and I thought, from what I'd seen of their YT video clips, that she was really good on stage, too.

I wish her all the best with her pregnancy and future endeavours

Eric James said...

CanuckFan, you were right! Lisa did leave the band too, and has been out of Coronatus since January. I did not read far enough on their news bulletin, but this is what it said in German:

"Lisa Lasch hatte die Band schon im Januar verlassen."

This translates to "Lisa Lasch has already left the band in January." Thanks for the correction! I already changed the blog entry.

Yeah, I wonder what they will do now that they do not have a singer.. Tanja may join them perhaps since she was also from a German band too. We will see.

CanuckFan said...

Jesus, she didn't last long, did she? Lisa, I mean. Wow.

Winterstorm said...

Gee, it's like a plague. :P But a "musical chairs" game where bands switch their singers around would be fun and keep things interesting in the scene, haha.