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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nightwish goes karaoke

If you happen to be a fan of karaoke and you want to sing NW songs without crappy versions from the Internet, you can buy Heavy Karaoke - Hits of Nightwish in their official shop.

1. Over The Hills And Far Away
2. Wish I Had An Angel
3. Nemo
4. Sleeping Sun
5. Wishmaster
6. Slaying The Dreamer
7. Ever Dream
8. Bless The Child
9. Dead To The World
10. Eva
11. Amaranth


Anonymous said...

is it a joke? it's not funny. just 2 songs from DPP and Anette on the cover?

Lizzie said...

Apparently it isn't a joke. I was also surprised that there are only 2 songs from DPP, non from Oceanborn or Angels Fall First. Most of the songs are from Century Child. I think that on every album you can find songs, which can be sung by everybody (maybe not Oceanborn's songs).

Wandering Coyote said...
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CanuckFan said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

Lizzie said...

As I already wrote it can be good thing but on the other hand the number of songs is not equal to the price you have to pay IMO. So it's kindda robbery.

Eric James said...

Who allowed this to be released? Really? I do like karaoke but I would never buy a karaoke album by them even though I am a big fan! Also, attempting to sing NW songs?... LOL That would be suicide for any male vocalist unless you sing Marco's parts in songs, but even then you need to be amazing! Hell even Anette has problems singing their songs. Some songs are just not meant to be sung unless you are good enough to do them.