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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Metal from Canada: Kobra and the Lotus

I just found this band today via John at Sugar and Spikes Music and Sonic Cathedral.  Originally hailing from Calgary (OMG...there is metal in Calgary???) , Kobra and the Lotus a are female-fronted metal-rock crossover band featuring classically trained Brittany Paige on lead vocals.  One site I read said, "Imagine Lee Aaron fronting Iron Maiden and you get an idea of what this hard rocking quintet is all about."  Without a doubt, Paige has definite pipes, though the four songs I've listened to do not contain any classical vocals.  This band is making some waves, and have toured the UK; they'll be touring Europe this summer in Spain, Belgium, France, and again in the UK.  They have one album out, entitled Out of the Pit and an upcoming CD due to be released in August.

The reference to Lee Aaron is interesting for me.  I was a Lee Aaron fan as a teenager (God...) and Kobra & the Lotus have a very retro-ish feel to their sound, and Brittany reminds me of vocalists like Lee Aaron for sure.  She has also been compared to Doro Pesch.

Here is their new video for the song "Welcome to My Funeral" from the upcoming CD.  Check them out!

Kobra and the Lotus are:

Brittany Paige - Vocals
Chris Swenson - Guitars
Griffin Kissack - Drums
Peter Dimov - Bass
Tim Brown - Guitars

You can find them at these fine locations: - there are three songs there available for free download
Official Site

Maybe if they come to Vancouver, I'll get a chance to see them, 'cause guess who's moving to Vancouver? :)

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punkkat said...

this band sounds good - the song's interesting :)

also, this is probably old news, but came across a listing of all metal bands from Canada that's sortable by genre or location: