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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Elis Announces New Vocalist

The wait is over: Elis has announced their replacement for Sandra Schleret as Simone Christinat, who hails from Switzerland. Simone is also the lead vocalist for Swiss symphonic-ish metallers Legenda Aurea. Their first concert together will be next month.

Here is a sample of Simone's voice, in Legenda Aurea's "Years of Coldness."

And here is an example of her singing live, also "Years of Coldness."

I think this could be good!


punkkat said...

ah, legenda aurea is one of my favorites - this should work well! though my question is will she stay with legenda aurea and be lead vocalist for two bands, or are they going to change vocalists as well.

CanuckFan said...

I read on FB that she's going to stay with Legenda Aurea and be lead singer for both.

punkkat said...

interesting to see she's going to be lead for both bands. it'll be fun to compare the two and see if/how they utilize her voice, hopefully Elis will give another dimension to it.