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Friday, June 3, 2011

Come Cover Me: Meadows of Heaven by Gregorian

I almost forgot about this song until 2 weeks ago. While ''studying hard'' for my final exams I made a little break and tried to find something interesting on TV. As I was checking every channel I stopped on Christian channel because I heard very familiar music. It was Gregorian's cover version of NW song. This song was covered in 2009 and released on Masters of Chant Chapter VII album where you can find covers of artists such as Kate BushDepeche Mode, or ABBA

Gregorian is a German band which performs Gregorian chant-inspired versions of modern pop and rock songs.  To find out more about this band check out their website

In my opinion this song suits more female vocals. Although the guitar solo sounds interesting, I miss the ''soul'' ending of the original version. So I go for the original version this time.

Here is the original version


CanuckFan said...

You know what? I like this cover better than the original!

Natalia said...

the original sounds better IMO (as much as I dislike Anette's voice)
BTW, Gregorian rules!