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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Come Cover Me: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Tarja

If you think that Poison and Still of the Night are the worst covers she has come up with yet, let me disappoint you! In my humble opinion, this one is definitely the worst song of her repertoire (so far). The song was performed during the Marimekko fashion show in 2007.

Smells Like Teen Spirit is a song by American rock band Nirvana and since its release, it has been massively covered by lots of bands and artists from different genres.

Let's have a look at couple of recent but also older covers.

Miley Cyrus 
The Ukulele Orchestra (could be better without singing)

Jazz cover by Paul Anka 

My personal favourite Herr-A-Chick


Eric James said...

I strongly dislike Tarja's version of this song... her voice is always awesome, but it just doesn't sound right. Grudge needs to be dark and angsty sounding not clean and beautiful. Oh well, I am sure she probably had to perform it that day.

Natalia said...

this is a cover of Patti Smith's version of the song. That's why it doesn't sound like grunge. She did a nice job but it's true her voice is not made for stuff like this

Tarja'sMyAngel said...

May not be her best,but I definitely wouldn't say it was terrible. I love her and her voice is natural clean and beautiful. they should've gave her a different song.