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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sonata Arctica's new DVD "Live in Finland"

The show was recorded at Teatria in Oulu, Finland on April 15th, 2011. The DVD also includes songs from the band’s own Sonata Arctica Open Air Festival held in Kemi, their hometown, in August 2009, documentaries, making of's and music videos.
The release date is October 28th.

Tracklist DVD

Sonata Arctica: Live in Finland

1.Intro (Everything Fades To Gray)
2.Flag In The Ground
3.Last Amazing Grays
6.Blank File
7.As If The World Wasn´t Ending
8.Paid In Full
9.Victoria´s Secret
10.Instrumental Exhibition
11.The Misery
13.In Black & White
16.Letter To Dana
18.Don´t Say A Word
19.Outro (Vodka/Everything Fades To Gray)

DVD 2:
Extra Features:
Sonata Arctica Open Air II:

1.White Pearl, Black Oceans
2.Draw Me
3.In Black & White
4.Don't Say A Word

Making of "Live in Finland"
Making of "Flag In The Ground"
Latin-American Tour Documentary
Made in Finland - Tour Documentary
Music Videos:Don't Say A Word, Paid In Full, Flag In The Ground
Acoustic live at Alcatraz, Milano
The Flag in the ground- cover contest
Photo Galleries

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CanuckFan said...

I think I'll put this on my Christmas list!