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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amaranthe: Amaranthine Video

I hate to say this, but Amaranthe is kind of growing on me, kind of getting under my skin a bit.  I still stand by all I said in my review of their debut album, but there is something fun about listening to them that I'm enjoying.  Could be my mood these days (heavy...I'm moving away from my hometown to The Big City at the coast and it's been difficult), which might account for my desire to listen to lighter stuff.  I don't know.

Anyway, this is Amaranthe's brand new video for their song "Amaranthine."  Highly polished and slick - just like their music - it's much less interesting to watch than their first video, "Hunger", which at least had a story line (though it was weak & needed some editing IMHO).  This new video features a lot of odd, sexy poses by female lead Elize, which I found rather...irritating.

But whatever!  I'm enjoying the music.  I wonder if they'll ever show up in Vancouver?  :D

Here is "Amaranthine."


Eric James said...

Wow... what is with this video?!? I find this song to be the best on the album, but this video isn't that great.. Yeah, what is up with Elize's poses?? It seems like some sort of Lady GaGa style sexy pose thingy?!?.. lol

Eric James said...

To add to my comment, it's obvious that Amaranthe is exploding Elize as much as possible in order to sell more records.. which is kinda silly, but I guess it seems to work.. lol Personally, I prefer women in metal to be more harsh, mystical, and dark as opposed to over-sexing themselves. There is nothing wrong with a little exploitation or expression every once in a while, but yeah this is definitively overkill! lol

punkkat said...

yeah the video is overkill...also, imo, this song is perfect except for the 5 seconds of growling in it...the growling just kills the nice sentimental feel of the song :/

CanuckFan said...

Punkkat: it's like a third wheel showing up on an otherwise decent date! This song would be way better without the growling.

Eric James said...

@ CanuckFan and Punkkat

I agree with you both!