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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nightwish Announces North American Release Date for Imaginaerum

And it's fucking January 10, 2012!  Why, why, why?  That's over a month after Europe gets it!

I'm pre-ordering it from the Nighwish web shop!


Anonymous said...

It's January 10, 2012 ;-) But otherwise I love your blog! Thanks for it :-)

CanuckFan said...

Ah, thanks for picking that up! For some reason, I've been putting 2010 down for a lot of things lately.

Anonymous said...

And even after my comment there still is a wrong year :-) It's 2012, hehe :-)

CanuckFan said...

Man, my brain is so friend! 3rd time's the charm! I'll change it right now. Thanks for your diligence!