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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Countdown to Sabaton...And Others!

As I mentioned in the last post, I'm in the process of moving from the literal sticks of British Columbia to the more civilized coast.  I won't be in Vancouver proper, but I'll be pretty damned close. On Monday, Sabaton is playing at The Venue in Vancouver, opening for Everygrey - and I am going!  The tickets were a surprise gift from a friend of mine to sort of celebrate a new chapter in both our lives.  My friend is not a metal head.  And this will be my first metal concert.

In a discussion with my colleagues at Black Wind Metal (who will be launching the new BWM site on Monday!), I found that wearing my Sonata Arctica t-shirt would be totally kosher.  I was a little worried that it might seem out of place to wear another band's shirt at a particular concert, but apparently that is totally fine.  I was worried about what to wear otherwise.  I don't exactly have the most exciting wardrobe in the world, and luckily the SA t-shirt is short-sleeved (unlike my Nightwish shirt).

My friend will be taking photos of the event.  I'm pretty stoked!  It should be a really fun experience, though I expect I'll be the oldest person there.

Russian folk metal band Arkona will be coming to Vancouver December 3, opening for Fins Korpiklaani, and I think I'll go to that gig, too.  I like Arkona.  And - excitement! - the boss over at Sonic Cathedral is in touch with Arkona's label and is helping to organize a possible interview with the band for me, so I can write an article for the SC web zine!  How fucking cool is that?  Cross your fingers that it will actually happen!

Vancouver is going to open up a ton of gig opportunities for me, so that excites me about my new home.  Living in the sticks totally sucks when you are into a scene that doesn't exist there.

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