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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some news

1. Epica are in the middle of new album recording. The release date is set up on 9th March 2012. In April, band announced: "About 14 tracks have been written and the best ones will be selected with Sascha Paeth, the producer of the new album." 

2. Lacuna Coil's new album "Dark Adrenaline" won't be released this year. Band's record company, Century Media Records, has moved the release date to an early 2012. 

3. Mike Portnoy's new album release has been delayed. According to Portnoy:  "For those wondering about the 2012 release... Most labels require a three month "setup" for a well promoted release... as it is now late July, delivering the album to a label TODAY won't get a release til October... and basically ALL labels won't release a new album past October (unless you are MADONNA, LADY GAGA, EMINEM, etc.)."

Portnoy started new project "Adrenaline Mob" featuring Symphony X's singer Russell Allen, guitarists Rich Ward, Mike Orlando and bassist Paul DiLeo. Adrenaline Mob will be one of the support acts for Godsmack's headlining tour throughout North America in August. Band will release a four-song EP in August and plan on releasing their full length debut album at the start of 2012.  

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