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Monday, July 18, 2011

Borrowed Melodies: Where Is the Love by Baracuda

Baracuda is a German dance project consiting of DJ Toby Sky and vocalist Suny. Their 6th single, they don't have an album just singles, "Where Is the Love" is a sort of cover of NW's "Amaranth" single. The single consists of Amaranth's melody and some elements from Alice Cooper's "Poison". The single was released in 2009 and became very popular in the dance scene.

The lyrics can be found here.


NW's Amaranth video: 


Allyson said...

I'd really hesitate to call this a cover. In fact, it's not a cover. To me this is in the "official rip-off" category. I assume they have the permission of the songwriters to use the melodies, but they've only superimposed their own lyrics on it. Like they couldn't have come up with their own melody? It shows a complete lack of imagination.

Eric James said...

horrible... just horrible..