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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Audio samples "From Chaos to Eternity" by Rhapsody of Fire

New Rhapsody of Fire album was released in June. Alex Staropoli said about the album: "This album has two hearts: in the first 8 titles we let the guitars blast stronger again, putting emphasis rather on basic heavy metal... but with the last song we defined once again the cinematic impact of our music for the grand finale of Rhapsody’s tale".

"From Chaos to Eternity" is their final fantasy based album that follows the chronicles of Algalord. The album  contains nine tracks, one of which, "Heroes of the Waterfalls' Kingdom", is almost twenty minutes long and is split into 5 parts.


The Protagonist said...

This is such a great album. Everyone at Black Wind is pretty excited about it. Can't recommend highly enough!

Eric James said...

very cool Lizzie! I will be reviewing this one shortly! :D