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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Come Cover Me (Sort Of): Draconian Does Wordsworth

This isn't a cover per se; it's a famous poem put to music by Draconian, a Swedish doom/Gothic band that recently came to my attention and who I am really enjoying.  This is William Wordsworth's "A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal", one of his famous poems that most English Lit students get to spend time with in high school English class or first year university English Lit class.  I quite like Wordsworth, actually, and I got to see where he spent time moping about his cottage in the Lake District during a trip there in the 1990s.

I think Draconian did a great job of turning this poem into a metal song.  It captures the mood and atmosphere very well, and the female vocals are lovely.  The band's style really lends itself to the poem.  I love it!

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