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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Find: Frantic Amber

A headline on Blabbermouth just now caught my attention with its touting of an all-female metal band from Sweden.

The members of Frantic Amber hail from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Japan, and apparently they are gaining popularity.

Here is a video for you to sample:

OK. Not bad music, but as I was just discussing with Eric a couple of days ago, I am not a fan of death metal growling and am getting a little sick of hearing it almost everywhere these days. I will say, though, that this vocalist, Elizabeth, actually has growls which I can actually understand what she is "singing," and I do see from their MySpace page that there are clean vocals involved in the album, too - which sounds promising to me.

Still, this band has way more personality, from what I can see in one video, than say...oh, I don't know...Indica. I mean, check out their headbanging! Despite my issues with the vocal style, I am curious to see where these young women are headed and wish them the best of luck. We need more all-girl bands in metal!


Almagest said...

That's quite some eye candy there, and the song doesn't sound bad!

Do you know There are quite a few all-female metal bands. (Also, there are some cover bands like The Iron Maidens or Misstallica who are not listed, although Judas Priestess are.) One particularly curious example is Meanstreak, because three of their members married three original Dream Theater members. Of course, you're right that there should be more of them.

Personally, I know a local black/pagan/folk metal band whose keyboardist, lead guitarist and lead vocalist (growler) are all female, while the rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer are male.

CanuckFan said...

Thanks for the link! I just took a poke around the site & there is some interesting stuff there. There are also a few good links to other sites, though some of them are not in English & don't have an English options. I was a little put off by their "friends" section because it seems it's full of sexy pix and I am not sure what to say about that...other than I will not send in a friend request! :P