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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Interview with Rev. Rachel Mann

Following up on this post, I bring to you an interview conducted by The Quietus with Rev. Rachel Mann, who recently made headlines with her thoughts on Christianity and heavy metal.

The interview is here.

This is incredibly refreshing to read, and kinda helps me put a tad bit of my faith back in the Anglican Church, the church in which I was raised, then left at the age of 18. In my 30s, I worked for the Anglican Church of Canada at one of its largest retreat centres, and there I found some very forward-thinking, progressive people with views on the faith, the bible, and Christianity in general that Rachel echoes in her statements. Though I am still not involved with the church for a variety of reasons, it's heartening to read the thoughts & opinions of people like Rachel, and I think her speaking out was a very brave act and I hope it helps bring the church out of the dark ages.

* photo swiped from The Quietus

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Almagest said...

Hehe, and she's a woman. I believe it's a generational thing though; people who are now 40 have grown up with metal and as these are pushing into positions of respect, they crowd the older, prejudiced ones out. About 50 years from now, if there's still a Catholic pope, he or she will have grown up with metal, too :-)