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Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Find: Akoma

Man, do I ever love! Today I discovered a new band there called Akoma, a Danish symphonic metal group featuring a female vocalist with a very ethereal voice and a talented group of musicians backing her.

So far, the only release available for purchase online is their 2007 EP Lost Forest. I couldn't find this anywhere online, but the band did let me know via their Facebook page that Lost Forest is available on iTunes. I also found a link the download on the US iTunes on the band's page. Now, I have never used the iTunes store before, but because I wanted to listen to this band so badly, I signed up and downloaded the 3-track CD - for a whole $2.97CAD.

They also have a promo from 2006 entitled Angels of Revenge, but it doesn't seem available anywhere for purchase or download.

The three tracks from Lost Forest are "Lost Forest", "Running Away" (the song I initially heard on, and "Forgotten Hero." For such a young band, the songs are mature, beautiful, and heavy. Singer Tanya Bell's vocals are so lovely to listen to, and the symphonic elements to the music add complexity and edginess to their sound.

Here is "Forgotten Hero."

Apparently, the band is working on new material. I am looking forward to hearing it!

Akoma is:

Tanya Bell - Vocals, Keys
Morten Harboe - Guitars
Daniel Nielsen - Bass


Official Site
Facebook Fan Page

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