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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Leaves' Eyes' New Video

It's "Take the Devil in Me."

I really like these videos that show the band behind the scenes and just acting natural, hanging out, and having a good time.

Leaves' Eyes is apparently opening for Kamelot on their upcoming North American tour. I might have to see if they're coming to Vancouver or Calgary, because I'd pay the money just to see Leaves' Eyes!


Edit @ 6:28pm: Well, no Leaves' Eyes for me. I just checked out Kamelot's tour schedule & the only Canadian shows they're playing are in Toronto & Montreal. How typical!


Anonymous said...

like it:)

you're right behind the scenes are always the best

Almagest said...

Sorry for you! That's really not fair!

Nice video. I like this song more than My Destiny (which I found too much written in a "pop hit" style), but Irish Rain I like best off Njord as far as "poppy" songs go. Pretty witty to double the chorus with Alex as a musical mirror image of the lyrics.

Haha, at first I was like "wait, the bassist is a chick?" when I remembered that they have Alla on bass now ...

CanuckFan said...

Yeah...I hate living so far from the big centres, where I'd have way more opportunities to see the bands I really like...But to exclude Vancouver (and Seattle for that matter) when they are going to be on the West Coast anyways? HMPH!!!!

Almagest said...

The only reasons I can come up with are a) metal just doesn't sell well in the Pacific Northwest (are people there still so much in love with grunge?) and b) there wasn't any venue that invited them (or there was a scheduling conflict), perhaps as a consequence of a). Anyway, it sure does suck! I mean, it's not like you're in Africa, Asia or Australasia where tours of metal bands rarely ever lead to at all.

CanuckFan said...

Actually, access to all these gigs is probably the ONLY thing I miss about living in Ontario.