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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tarja's Latest Video

Well, this woman certainly has been incredibly busy! I saw on Blabbermouth just now that Tarja has a new video for "Until My Last Breath."

I'm a little confused about all these singles, though. Lots of releases, but I'm not sure what's being released where & when. Not that it matters to me at all; it just seems that there's an awful lot of activity going on around this album before its release. I see that this song is indeed included on the US version of the CD that I have pre-ordered, thank God.


I really like the look of this video, and I love her outfits here, too, especially the white one.

Edit @ 12:29pm: Apparently, this is where the diving footage came from.

Edit @ 1:16pm, Aug. 24: It pays to have friends who are on the ball! My friend Lizzie from MFF sent me a link to Tarja's site that explains this video a little further. Here is a quote from Tarja herself about UMLB's vid, found here:

Since we decided to shoot the video for I Feel Immortal in Iceland, we agreed to make a video for this one too, since the country and it’s landscapes were so inspiring. I am a scuba diver and I love the underwater world, so the story for the video is very connected with me. The director Jörn Heidmann found amazing free diver footage from Guillaume Nery at Dean's Blue Hole, near Bahamas.
It seemed a good idea to have a similar video for Until My Last Breath and for I Feel Immortal as both songs are supposed to be released simultaneously in different territories.
There is another video on the planning for UMLB that will be broadcasted later on when the song will be released as a single in GAS.

So, this explains the diving footage. But one question remains: what is "GAS?" If anyone knows, leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Germany, Austria, Switzerland. I don't get their promo strategy. Pay lot of money for video to song that is single only in 3 countries and then make smth cheap for international release. 2 videos to one song, what for?

CanuckFan said...

I must say I have not been impressed with the promo strategy, either. It really seems like the record label is pandering to a certain market and I am feeling a bit like chopped liver over here! I mean, we do get a special version of the CD, but it doesn't include IFI, and if I want that single or the CD with that song on it, I'd have to order it from a German site. That ticks me off. Yet Germany gets a IFI included, plus it's a single, plus they did a lovely video just for that single, and in the States they release UMLB. Why can't everyone be treated the same? And have you seen this:

More German promo! I don't get it.

CanuckFan said...

BTW, thanks for explaining "GAS" to me!

Anonymous said...

I've seen that and well i don't care. I live in Europe and i can assure you that i feel the same way. And what the deal have Universal to pay twice for video that should already be done.

CanuckFan said...

Liv Kristine's new solo album is also getting an early release in GAS, too. Hm.

CanuckFan said...

@ Anonymous: yeah, a new video for UMLB is in the works, apparently. I have no idea what that is about at all.

Almagest said...

Well, it's usual practice that an artist's core markets (Central Europe for Tarja and Nightwish) are served before less important markets, which means that even albums by US based metal bands can be released in Europe first before their home country. But still, I can't see how Universal's strategy here is supposed to be beneficial to Tarja's profile outside GAS.