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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tarja's "I Feel Immortal"

Here it is!

Love it!

I'm so excited about this album I can barely contain myself! I pre-ordered it from an outfit in the States last week because didn't offer it at the time, but I see in the last few days they have gotten their act together and finally are offering it for pre-order. Fellow Canadian Tarja fans can do this here. I still got it for cheaper at the US site: $15.99 plus $4 for shipping, and the dollar is excellent right now so I won't pay too much more in exchange, and I also won't have to pay our new HST (harmonized sales tax), which is always a good thing. Anyway, I am stoked!!

Edit: OMFG! I have just discovered that "I Feel Immortal" is not included on the North American release! WTF?????


Anonymous said...

it's shame that it's not even on deluxe edition:( but i hope that maybe she won't be so cruel and add it to one of a singles. Anyway song is very beautiful, video is amazing. And i like her voice in I Feel Immortal better, doesn't sound like she is hurting her vocal chords.

CanuckFan said...

It is a much softer song and the harmonies in it are quite beautiful. The video itself is really lovely and nice to look at.

Yeah, I'm upset this isn't appearing in the deluxe version I pre-ordered...I feel a bit like chopped liver because I live in Canada!

Anonymous said...

i think everyone feels like that cos only Germany, Austria and Switzerland will have that pleasure to buy it. So you can always order it from those countries.

CanuckFan said...

That is way too much money for me! I am not so much of a collector that I am willing to spend the bucks getting all kinds of other stuff from other countries!

Almagest said...

I don't get it either. The video and song look ready-made for MTV and it could be a hit. (On top, it's even good stuff.) Why only a release in German-speaking countries? It doesn't make sense at all. Sure enough, Tarja's numerically largest fanbase is in Central Europe, but why not even Finland? The song surely could be a hit elsewhere, too. Perhaps not in the States, but the song has potential. What all the trouble for, then? How about Universal's marketing muscle? Perhaps Universal is only flying a kite and depending on its charts performance, they'll release the single elsewhere, as well. That's the only possibility that makes economical sense to me.

sorcha said...

I Feel Immortal is on the European version of the new album. Only not on the American version.