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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Suicide Tribute

Say what you want about Anette (many do), I think the girl has a good voice. I don't believe it's the right voice for Nightwish at all, and I have issues with the band's choice to hire her, but she can sing. And you certainly cannot fault anyone for wanting to create a tribute song to someone they loved and who died in a tragic way.

Before joining Nightwish in 2007, Anette sang for the Swedish rock band Alyson Avenue. One year ago, a long-time friend of Anette's and a friend of Alyson Avenue's committed suicide.

Suicide is an issue very close to my heart for reasons I won't get into here, and this morning I saw on Anette's blog that Alyson Avenue and Anette wrote and recorded a tribute song to this friend, and I have to say it was very moving and touched upon many of the questions those left behind after a suicide feel.

This is not a metal song, obviously. But one of the things I like about it is the thoughtful way in which it treats this issue. There is no anger in it, just questions - and common, valid ones at that.

The song is currently streaming on Alyson Avenue's web site and you can read the lyrics there, too. Here it is.

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Anonymous said...

hahah i thought it's her "suicide tribute" or smth with her solo album. Idea was good but final result... i don't like it.