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Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Find: Where Angels Fall

I mentioned this band in my list post in my list of top finds of 2010, so I thought I'd better actually give them a bit of cowbell here (for what it's worth!). I found Where Angels Fall on and the first song I heard was "Kyrie." It grabbed me right away and I wanted more! I describe their style as Gothic metal with a bit of an electronic atmospheric element. They're heavy, they have choirs, and their vocalist, Eirin Bendigtsen, has a unique style that brings a real ethereal feel to the music.

Hailing from Norway and formed originally in 2004, Where Angels Fall has three releases so far. The only one I've been able to get hold of is Marionettes, and I really like it. According to the most recent info available on Encyclopaedia Metallum, the band consists of Eirin on vocals, André Bendigtsen on guitar, Espen Lohne on bass, and Jarle 'Uruz' Byberg on drums.

Lyrically, check out this song, "Female Stigma."

Here are some lyrics:

Having the wrong face
Having the wrong skills
Having the wrong voice
Work twice as hard as
Be twice as smart as
Sing twice as good as

It seems like I’m inferior
Compared to you
I have the female stigma
I’ll never be as good as you

Love it! And sung with such attitide, too.

Here is the aforementioned "Kyrie", which initially got me into the band. I love this song.

And here is another favourite of mine from the Marionettes album, the title track.

I really look forward to hearing more stuff from these guys; I think they have a really good thing going for them.

Edit @ 9:18am, Monday Jan. 17: WAF's Facebook page lists the band members as the following:

Eirin Bendigtsen - lead vocals
André Bendigtsen - guitars & programming
Espen Lohne - bass
Kristian Svenning - guitar

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Eirin Bendigtsen said...

Hi! Thank you for writing about us in your blog! :-)