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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some humor: Metal bands in 10 seconds!

Some friends of mine were showing me videos today that were pretty clever and extremely hilarious! Basically, these videos have sliced audio clips from various songs of one band in particular and what they would do is cut out reoccurring themes or lyrics that would be overused as part of their music and repeated them! It is really funny! Here are some really good ones:

Nightwish in 10 seconds:

The word "child" seems to be a popular lyric overused by Tuomas! XD

Here is probably my favorite one!:

Dragonforce must really be "So far away!" LOL

Here is Dream Theater in 10 seconds!:

Basically showing their skills in a unique way! ;)

Here is Metallica in 10 seconds:

This basically shows their love for the E Chord! XD

And finally here is Meshuggah in "less than 10 seconds" lol:


It is all very entertaining for sure! There are more "10 second" videos on Youtube out there too! I hope you enjoyed it!


CanuckFan said...

Those are too funny! Thanks for the post!

God, they could have used any number of words or phrases for NW...

the poet
the dead boy
the ocean this/that/the other


Eric James said...

I know, funny isn't it?

Almagest said...

ROTFL! Awesome!

Haha, I actually recognised some of the Dream Theater snippets right away. First: Overture 1928, Second: Metropolis, Fourth: Metropolis, Sixth: The Dark Eternal Night (intro) - you can tell that I've listened to their songs quite a lot! The guitar and drum solos seem to be from albums I don't have, though!

Nightwish should be easier, but actually isn't: First: Wishmaster, Second: ???, Third: Bless the Child, Fourth: End of All Hope, Fifth: Dead to the World, Sixth: Ghost Love Score. I just can't find the second one ...

DragonForce: I only recognise the third snippet, Through the Fire and Flames. But then, I'm not such a big fan anyway :P

CanuckFan said...

I can't place the 2nd NW one, either...

Almagest said...

"Tuomas seems to have quite a penchant for children." LOL!

Almagest said...

Oh, duh, actually that's LaBrie's high "Whaaaaaale!" note (F# apparently, not that I could tell ... no keyboard instrument here) in Learning to Live, not his "afraaaaaaaaid" in Metropolis, which isn't quite as high. Eric, why haven't you corrected me? :P

Also, people claim that the guitar riff is from The Glass Prison but it sounds exactly like the intro of The Dark Eternal Night to me ... while the drum fill is indeed from there (1:07), as far as I can tell.

The reason why I didn't recognise the second NW snippet was one, because it is so so short, and second, because it doesn't actually say "the child"! It says "just a child". As a friend pointed out, the guitar sounds Wishmaster-like and the song is "Bare Grace Misery".